Sunday, February 2, 2014

My First Pants!

The past couple of weeks have been so cold (wind chill below zero), I decided it was finally time I tried to make some pants in order to stay warm.  I wanted an easy pattern for my first attempt so I went with Vogue 2923:
I had some brown suiting in my stash for a long time so I got to work.  The pattern was very quick and easy. My only qualm, is that the pattern is really just for coca cola bottle shaped women.  After I cut out the pieces I realized the pants were not going to fit my waist.  I couldn't re-cut the pieces b/c I barely had enough fabric to cut it the first time, and I don't know how to alter waists (I really need to take a course on pattern alterations).  I ended up just sewing it with as little seam allowance as I could and they just fit!  The effect - which may in part be attributable to the fabric - is a tummy control pant, which I love!  To be fair, the package does say that this pattern is not for boxy shapes...

...but I thought that only applied to the jacket.  I was wrong.  All in all, I am happy with the pants.  I did make one mistake...I ironed the pleats on the wrong side!  lol...oh well

(I still have to put a hook and eye in them.  I know I have a lot, but I can't find them and I refuse to buy more!)

I like the wide leg look.  But, now I know I have to be careful wearing these.  I wore them last week and was running up the escalator at the metro when my foot got stuck in the pant leg and I fell!  Luckily, no serious injuries and my pants are unharmed!  :)

I will probably make these again...just in a bigger size.