Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mini Wardrobe Contest 2013

So I decided to enter this contest again, and again my wardrobe is for work.  This time, I'm lightening up the color scheme.

PIECE 1:  Simplicity 1658 view A

Front view
(For some reason, the picture looks like there's a spot on the front, but I don't see the spot in person.)

Back view

This dress was a lot more work than it looks.  From the pictures on the envelope, I could not tell that the front overlay is open on the sides.  I also assumed that the overlay on view A was really just the dress such that there weren't multiple layers, but not so.  For all views, the bodice actually has 3 layers!  I completely wasn't paying attention to that when I bought the pattern, so I ended up having to go back to the fabric store to purchase lining...and then I had to go back again for the right size zipper.

This style of dress is my favorite...I love drop-waisted blousy dresses because they hide everything, but I think this one isn't particularly flattering because the overlay is open on the sides.  I just feel really big in football player big.  If I ever make this again, I'll sew the sides of the overlay closed.  I think I'll end up tacking under the arms so that it's at least a little more fitted in the bust.  Sadly, just as I was finishing up the dress trimming frayed edges, I accidentally cut a hole in the front!  It's small so I sewed it closed, but it's still visible.  I think once I tack under the arms, the hole will be under the arm so it won't be a complete disaster.

Anyway, piece one is done.  I also plan on making a suit and another top to complete my wardrobe.  I'll update this page as I complete my pieces.
Wore this today: