Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Holidays!

I wasn't planning on making anything Christmasy for the home this year, but then I found this beautiful sparkly poinsettia fabric and Joanne's and changed my mind.  I decided to make placemats and matching napkins.  I used McCall's 5439 for the placemats (which is really just a circle) and followed these instructions for the napkins.

With the leftover fabric, I decided to make an apron for a coworker's mom...she bakes something delicious for us almost weekly so I figured she'd appreciate an apron.  (My mom is modeling it below.)


I used Butterick 5747 view C again.  I've made many aprons now using diff patterns, and this one is my favorite.

Closeup of the red fabric:

Merry Christmas!!

(My first time cooking Christmas dinner.)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sunday, September 30, 2012

PR's Mini Wardrobe Contest

For this contest, I decided to make work appropriate clothes as I just started my first post law school job last month and I need more work clothes.  To my surprise, I actually finished my four pieces on time, and here they are:
I had to change my key item to a different cardigan, because the other one didn't really go with the Vogue dress.  New key item:
Here are the pieces.  #1 Vogue 1316:
You can find my review for this pattern as well as more pics here.

#2 Butterick 5639:

You can find my review for this pattern here.

#3 Butterick 5816:

I was originally going to do Collette's Sorbetto, but saw this and thought I would make both because I just had to make this top immediately.  Because of all the issues with this one, I'm going to rest for the rest of the day instead of doing the Sorbetto.  You can find my review for this pattern here.

#4 McCall's 3830:

Vote for me!!  :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mini Wardrobe

This past weekend I noticed that patternreview's current contest is to make a mini wardrobe.  I'm really inspired and would love to enter, but given the fact that I've lost half the month, I don't know that I'll make the cut off.  However, I'm going to participate anyway....even if I don't end up entering the contest.

So with that, here's my storyboard:

The center picture is my key item and is my favorite cardigan I purchased years ago from Forever 21.  Starting from top left going clockwise, I plan to make:

1.  Butterick 5693 using mustard colored linen

2.  Collette Sorbetto using black sheer material (I don't think it's chiffon, but I'm unsure exactly what it is)

3.  McCall's 3830 using a black and white print stretch polyester blend

4.  Vogue 1316 using gray and black suiting

I'm most excited to make the Vogue dress!.....

Saturday, August 18, 2012

McCall's 6118

This is another project I started many months ago (I used the left over scraps as the lining for my graduation dress in May) and just finally completed.  Not really much to say about it, except that it's very easy and really cute.

(please excuse my dirty mirror)
I do think it may run a little big.  I think the top band is too loose.  I took it in a little more than 1/4 inch, but it's still slack.  I could probably take it in another 1/2 inch, but I'm just going to leave it.  Next time, I'll cut the band a size down.  Also, I cut about a 3/4 inch off the bottom because the top is a little longer than I wanted.

When I first saw this fabric, I wasn't sure about it, but then I couldn't stop thinking about it.  Now, I think it's gorg!

Conclusion:  I love this top!

Friday, August 17, 2012

White Party

Earlier this summer, a friend of mine threw an all white beach party to celebrate her 30th.  Of course I decided to make my outfit.  I chose McCall's 6560:

Initially, I was going to do the full dress option, but I wasn't paying attention when I purchased the eyelet and only bought enough to make a top.  Because the fabric was so expensive, I decided to make a skirt as well in a different fabric.  As it got closer to the party, I realized I did not have enough time to make the skirt (I was also making a wrap dress for the birthday girl) and purchased a white denim skirt from Old Navy instead.  As a plan B, I found a dress at Ross for $8 at the last minute.

Here is my top:

It it way too low cut for my taste.  The picture doesn't do it justice...I feel really exposed, even vulgar wearing it.  I think you can see a little better how low cut it is in the pic with the camisole under it.

Here is the back:

The bottom of the back is really weird.  Admittedly, I didn't consult the directions before hemming (and I still haven't gone back to look at them), but the back looks terrible.  It bubbles out awkwardly and looks like I am with child, but carrying it in my back (sorry I don't have a picture of it on from the back).  I think I should have left the two back sides separate, basically leaving a split under the zipper instead of sewing them together and then hemming them.  I might still take it apart and do that...not looking forward to it though because I've learned that having to take apart eyelet is a bit difficult.

I ended up going with the dress from Ross.

Birthday gift - Butterick 5454:

For Mom

I've had a very long sewing hiatus due to studying for the bar exam.  Now that that's over, back to business!  Since yesterday was my mom's birthday and I'm broke, for her gift, I decided to finally do some projects my mom asked me to do.  Downside is that they're not surprises since she purchased the patterns and fabrics, but she understands.  I'll make it up to her later.

Anyway, they are all very simple, basic patterns that are great for beginners.

Dress 1 - McCall's 9172.  This is a very simple dress with pockets.  I made a fabric loop for the button to make it look a little nicer in the back.

Dress 2 - Butterick 5768.  This is one of the see & sew patterns.  It is sooo easy...only 2 pattern pieces!  The hardest part is the back pleats, and they aren't hard.


Dress 3 - Simplicity 1884:
I had to do a second row of the top stitching at the top of the dress because the first row didn't catch the facing.  The second row missed it in spots, but I think it will be ok.  I could just hand sew it, but I don't really think it's necessary.  I added belt loops instead of making thread carriers.



Skirt - Simplicity 2257
I added lining because the fabric was very light and sheer.


Happy birthday to the greatest mom ever!!!


Some pics of mom wearing the dresses:

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mother's Day - Butterick 5454 and McCall's 5974

This post is a bit late, but I did not have my model (mom) until graduation which was after Mother's Day.  For Mother's Day, I made my mom 2 dresses:  Butterick 5454 and McCall's 5974.  For both, I used fabric (poly blends?) I purchased from G Street Fabrics.

Butterick 5454 view B:

I love this dress!  The pattern is very easy to follow.  I had only two minor issues.  One, my mom needs to wear a camisole under it, but that's not too much of an issue.  From the other reviews, it seems like the dress falls in a way that a camisole is unnecessary.  Mine might be like this because I needed to do an FBA(? I have no idea, just speculating) any case, it's no big deal.  Two, the sleeves are looser than they appear on the package.  My mom doesn't mind so I don't mind.  Highly recommend this.

McCall's 5974 view B with 3/4 sleeves:

This one has fit issues.  The front is way too low.  My mom is wearing a camisole in the pics below to illustrate.  The sleeves are also quite loose in this.  I'm going to need to take it apart and try to raise it and tighten the sleeves:


Not sure that I would try this one again.  Maybe I might try a different view.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Graduation and Vogue 8574

This weekend was graduation weekend.  To start things off, school held a reception for us and our friends and families at the Organization of American States.  For the reception, I made Vogue 8574, the shorter version.  I used some navy Casa Collections fabric (crepe back satin maybe?) I bought on clearance months ago that I had planned to use as a sort of muslin for another dress I am dying to make, but can't find the pattern for.  

For the lining I used scraps left over from a blouse I am currently making:

This pattern is very easy to make and Vogue says it's good for all body types.  I definitely recommend it if you're looking for a simple cocktail or evening dress (there is a floor length option).  My favorite part is the pockets:
 (I know I should've ironed the dress, but I was running late.)

Be mindful that it is a pretty deep split in the bodice.  When you're standing it's fine, but when I was seated, you could see my bra.  Also, if I had more time (I "finished" the dress about 2 1/2 hours before the reception), I would've put darts in the gaps a a little in the bust.  Regardless, I think it came out well.  I received several compliments.  :)

Yesterday was Commencement....
I'm officially a lawyer now...or do I have to pass the bar before I can say that?...