Monday, December 23, 2013

Fleece Navidad

This year, I decided to give everyone in the fam a gift and to make things easier on myself, I decided to make fleeces.  

For the little kids, I made McCall's 6222:
(pattern reviewed here)

For the teenagers, I made McCall's 5538 view A:

(pattern reviewed here)

... and McCall's 6252 view A with the pocket from view C:

(pattern reviewed here)

And for the adults, I made McCall's 5538 view B:

(pattern reviewed here)

I don't want to touch fleece ever again....  :)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ladybug Rug

After seeing the bear playmat I made for a coworker using McCall's 6719, a colleague asked if I could make her a ladybug.  I knew the pattern had a ladybug option, but also knew the ladybug from the pattern looks nothing like a ladybug.  see exhibit A:

I agreed to make her a ladybug knowing I would have to do some modifications to the pattern, but thought it wouldn't be that difficult.

I used the head, body, face, and antennae from the pattern (view A).  I also used the heart applique from the bear.  I made the wings using the body pattern piece, but cutting it into a full circle and then cutting the circle in half.  I spent some time searching everywhere for my protractor to make perfect circles and after I found it and cut out all my circles, I realized the size I chose was the exact size as the cheeks, so if I ever make this again, I'll just trace the cheeks on webbing.  I added jumbo rick rack along the edges to give it a little something extra.  I drafted my own legs on parchment paper:

and made ruby slippers with some left over red sparkly fabric I had and some ribbon:

I also decided to make a bow for the antenna.  

I think it came out great!!  It was a lot of work (took me over 24 hours), but it's so cute!