Friday, January 27, 2012

The Plain Jane

This is my second entry in's fabric stash contest:

It is Simplicity 2406 view C, length of view D.  After I made the basic dress, I thought it was waaaay too plain so I picked up some sheer ruffle trim and added it to the bottom.  Then I added it to the sleeves and tie ends as well.  Finally, I pinned a dragonfly brooch I made to the top.  Here's a close up of the brooch:
After all that, I still think it's boring.  Oh well....still going to wear it someday.

I have a sickness...

If there's a sale AND I have a coupon, I simply cannot stay away.  Hence, today, I went to Joanne's.  Last week, I earned a 30% off card to be used this week, so clearly I had to return.  I spent way more than I intended, but I should be good to go for a very long while now.  Here's my haul:
I came prepared with a list of notions I needed to finish up some projects and fabric swatches to find matching contrasting fabric.  I somehow still forgot to buy a navy zipper!!  And, although I told myself, this was it for the semester, I will have to go back for patterns (and a navy zipper), because last night, I saw some new Vogue patterns that I absolutely must have.  I was so excited to buy them because they're on sale this weekend for $3.99.  Unfortunately Joann does not have the new catalog or the new patterns.  Anyway, here they are:

All in all, it was a great haul.  Although I spent more than I wanted to, I saved a whopping $165.37!  However, I'll be eating ramen noodles all next month.