Sunday, September 30, 2012

PR's Mini Wardrobe Contest

For this contest, I decided to make work appropriate clothes as I just started my first post law school job last month and I need more work clothes.  To my surprise, I actually finished my four pieces on time, and here they are:
I had to change my key item to a different cardigan, because the other one didn't really go with the Vogue dress.  New key item:
Here are the pieces.  #1 Vogue 1316:
You can find my review for this pattern as well as more pics here.

#2 Butterick 5639:

You can find my review for this pattern here.

#3 Butterick 5816:

I was originally going to do Collette's Sorbetto, but saw this and thought I would make both because I just had to make this top immediately.  Because of all the issues with this one, I'm going to rest for the rest of the day instead of doing the Sorbetto.  You can find my review for this pattern here.

#4 McCall's 3830:

Vote for me!!  :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mini Wardrobe

This past weekend I noticed that patternreview's current contest is to make a mini wardrobe.  I'm really inspired and would love to enter, but given the fact that I've lost half the month, I don't know that I'll make the cut off.  However, I'm going to participate anyway....even if I don't end up entering the contest.

So with that, here's my storyboard:

The center picture is my key item and is my favorite cardigan I purchased years ago from Forever 21.  Starting from top left going clockwise, I plan to make:

1.  Butterick 5693 using mustard colored linen

2.  Collette Sorbetto using black sheer material (I don't think it's chiffon, but I'm unsure exactly what it is)

3.  McCall's 3830 using a black and white print stretch polyester blend

4.  Vogue 1316 using gray and black suiting

I'm most excited to make the Vogue dress!.....