Friday, August 17, 2012

White Party

Earlier this summer, a friend of mine threw an all white beach party to celebrate her 30th.  Of course I decided to make my outfit.  I chose McCall's 6560:

Initially, I was going to do the full dress option, but I wasn't paying attention when I purchased the eyelet and only bought enough to make a top.  Because the fabric was so expensive, I decided to make a skirt as well in a different fabric.  As it got closer to the party, I realized I did not have enough time to make the skirt (I was also making a wrap dress for the birthday girl) and purchased a white denim skirt from Old Navy instead.  As a plan B, I found a dress at Ross for $8 at the last minute.

Here is my top:

It it way too low cut for my taste.  The picture doesn't do it justice...I feel really exposed, even vulgar wearing it.  I think you can see a little better how low cut it is in the pic with the camisole under it.

Here is the back:

The bottom of the back is really weird.  Admittedly, I didn't consult the directions before hemming (and I still haven't gone back to look at them), but the back looks terrible.  It bubbles out awkwardly and looks like I am with child, but carrying it in my back (sorry I don't have a picture of it on from the back).  I think I should have left the two back sides separate, basically leaving a split under the zipper instead of sewing them together and then hemming them.  I might still take it apart and do that...not looking forward to it though because I've learned that having to take apart eyelet is a bit difficult.

I ended up going with the dress from Ross.

Birthday gift - Butterick 5454:

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