Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Dresses finished!!....unfortunately one looks like it will be too small.

Simplicity 1804:

McCalls 6073:

I think this picture shows the actual color better:

Both were very easy to construct.  However, sewing them confirmed that I really need to take a basics course.  I had a hard time with the fabric and it may just be that I know nothing about what kind of needle you should use for different fabrics and what settings you should use.  I generally use the same settings (although this time I put both on 2 and it seemed to work better) and always just use the same needle for everything.  Something wasn't working for these dresses.  I had to sew every seam about three times (sometimes more) because the stitches kept skipping and sometimes it wouldn't catch at all till I tried 4 or 5 times!  It ended up taking me a lot longer to complete these.  Anyway, I assume if you use the right needle, etc these dresses should be very quick projects.  They're perfect for spring/summer.

...Hopefully they fit!


  1. Cute prints and dresses!!

    I am also a beginner so -- grain of salt -- but you definitely need an array of needles and different tension/stitch length/stitch width settings based on your chosen fabric.

    Another great tip with slippery fabrics is to use tissue paper to help sew it (you can rip it away afterwards), starch the fabric to death (LOL!) so it'll be more stable and therefore easier to sew, and get a walking foot to help feed it through the machine.

  2. Thanks!!...and thanks for the tips!! :)