Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Plan B Disaster

So last night was the JGSPL (my journal) "banquet" at Lucky Strike.  Since the first dress didn't work out, I decided to make a jumpsuit, since we'd be bowling I figured pants are better.  I envisioned a simple, yet stylish jumper that I would dress up with accessories and my leopard peep toe kitten heels.  I decided to use Burda 7536 view A.

This is the most hideous thing I've made!:
This pattern is so horrible that even though I am really embarrassed by this pic, I put it up to dissuade everyone else from buying it.  I was so disgusted, I didn't finish.  First off, the pants are REALLY big.  I know they're supposed to be loose, but it was ridiculous.  I cut the same size for the top and bottom, but I took in the bottom THREE times!  The pants also come up really high...they are higher than my belly button.  I'm not feeling that at all.

The bodice is ill-fitting as well.  I don't know what is going on here:
I've used the bodice of this pattern before and didn't have this problem so maybe it's the fabric.  See previous project here:
Or maybe it wouldn't gap so much if I put the arm binding on...who knows?  In any case, I don't know what Burda was thinking with this.  My biggest question is HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO PUT IT ON???!! There are no zippers and the front is supposed to be sewn together.  Where my fingers are is supposed to be sewn shut, but I had to rip the seams just to get the stupid jumper on:
Conclusion:  DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME...and money!!
Since I was working on this over the weekend, I didn't have time to make a plan C, so I ended up wearing the first dress I made since I decided to take up sewing again last summer:
(I apologize for the quality of the picture, but I took it about 30 times and this one was the best...also I took it at the end of the night, so likely I was too tired.)

I know they don't go together, but I wanted to wear them both anyway..

Time to study for finals now....hopefully I can finish my dress for the RTW contest as well (fingers crossed).

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