Wednesday, February 29, 2012

McCall's 5643 view B

So now I've done all three views of this pattern.  This is my least favorite.

For some reason, it took me a really long time to complete this....a little under 10 hours!  Part of this was the pocket.  I spent almost 3 hours on the pocket alone, which is ridiculous.  I didn't understand the directions for it and read it many times before it finally clicked.  I had to pin the contrast several times to get it in the right spot.  Then I realized I cut the pocket upside down so I had to start all over again.  Here's the pocket detail:
Overall, I'm just not in love with the style of this view.  I probably won't be making it again.  It really reminds me of hospital scrubs, but maybe that is my poor fabric choice.  I though yellow would be nice, but now I think pink probably would've looked better as the contrast color.  Oh well...

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