Thursday, February 23, 2012

Butterick 4945

I'm finally finished this apron!!!!  It only took me the ENTIRE day. :(  I had off today and was hoping to get two done, but that didn't happen.  This was my 6th apron and although one of the simplest style-wise, it was the most frustrating.  I have never had to rip out so many seams.  Most of this was due to my wanting to line it.  I didn't think through the best way to do it and realized after I stitched and zig zag stitched.  So for anyone wanted to make this apron and line it, attach the lining at the very top, lower sides, and bottom and leave open the top sides (the part with the thin pink strip - the band).  This is because you need the seam allowance when you attach the band.  Of course I didn't realize this until after I had first sewed the sides completely and trimmed the seam allowance!  You can imagine, it wasn't fun to sew the bands on after that.
Attaching the flounce was more difficult than expected due to the curved edge.  I had to re-pin it 5 times for the front and 3 times for the back.  I don't think the notches for this pattern align perfectly.  At least they didn't for mine...I had to completely ignore them to get it to "fit" - I use the term loosely as it still didn't fit.  The flounce isn't as long as the apron.  To fix the problem I had to switch from a regular 5/8 seam allowance to 1/4 to 1 inch along the sides of the apron.  This was very annoying.
Also, it wasn't clear to me which way the neck ties went.  I thought I had it right...I even basted it first.  Everything seemed ok so I stitched them in place.  That's when I realized they were on backwards.  They're on an angle and are supposed to lean towards the center, but I stitched them leaning outward.  Well, at least the next one will be much easier.  Yes, I'm crazy enough to do it again because I think the end product is pretty cute.

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