Sunday, June 9, 2013

Vacation Preparation Pt. 1

Eight days till vacation and I still have so much work to do!  The plan is to make a bunch of dresses and right now I'm only about half of the way done.  Progress so far:

McCall's 6558 view E:

Although the pattern calls for knits, I used chiffon I've have for at least 2 years and lined it.

Burda 7364 view C:

I dropped the waist by about an inch and a half because when I cut out the pattern pieces, it didn't look like it was going to hit where I wanted it.  I dropped it a little too much though.  I also completely enclosed the elastic in the waist and added a faux drawstring.  Lastly, I used bias tape for the armholes and neck line...Don't know why (maybe the bias tape is too heavy for the material), but the neckline and armholes are really droopy.  I'll have to wear a camisole under it.

MCCall's 5893 view D:

This dress is really comfy on, but sadly, it also looks like a moo moo.  This will definitely be a beach/lazing around dress only. 

McCall's 6465 view C but using the length of view B without the contrast:

I wanted a short loose dress for the beach.  I thought this fabric would be perfect and it is, but since it's tissue thin, I had to line it.  I did the ruffle sleeve so it wouldn't be so blah.  I love it!  Although I could've made a size smaller.

Butterick 5644 view C but I added 8 inches to make it a dress:

In addition, I'm almost finished another dress (I have to get lining for the skirt and add a zipper), I've started a maxi skirt, bought a pattern for a top to go with the skirt and have 2 other dresses I'd like to get done (but probably won't).....

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  1. Such fun and stylish additions to your wardrobe! My favorite the is the dress with the geometric fabric.